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Smart Survivor Project 〜 English Site 〜


Smart Survivor Project  — Be a Tsunami Survivor


Our mission is to save lives by disaster prevention education focused on the Tsunami. The huge tsunami devastated the coastal areas. The number of missing or dead reached 18,800. Takeo Saijo, Director, Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan, who specializes in Qualitative research methods built a research team at Waseda University to investigate why 74 students lost their lives at Okawa Elementary School.

To avoid future tragedy, we published a small booklet called “Be a Tsunami Survivor— Lessons Learned from Okawa Elementary School” based on this research. The Right knowledge could save your life when a Tsunami happens.

Our main plan is as follow: We donate this booklet to every school: nursery, kindergarten, elementary, junior high school and high school all over Japan and dispatch instructors who experienced the Tsunami to lectures as needed.
We support/donate other organizations for disaster prevention educations using this brochure.

How to download the booklet “Be a Tsunami Survivor”
free of charge

We encourage anyone involved in disaster education to use this material.

We also welcome any comments and ideas about this booklet to the following address for future revision.

Please note that your comments are greatly appreciated and may be shared with other members through our website, Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you for your cooperation and support!