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Handicrafts Project -English Page-


To rebuild “community” through women‘s handicraft activities. This project aims to help women in affected areas by partaking in handicrafts activities together in order to rebuild their communities and regain a fulfilled life. Our activities are as follow.

Handicrafts Project have been involved with the following activities;

In collaboration with “Poke-mon” (famous “Pocket Monster” character), delivered 100 shoe cases/toto bags for kindergarten children made by a group in Miyagi Pref..                                                  

Dispatch “technical assistants” for producing coin cases/small pockets made by used-Japanese Kimono cloth etc. for a group in

Supported designing/creating macaron type small cases for the group in Shinchi, Fukushima Pref..

Supporting sales of Teddy bears made of regional cotton intended for a group of refugees from nuclear affected area) in Aizu, Fukushima Pref..

Current Main Activities


Early 2014 saw the start of the “Necktie Project” (Making Teddy bears with used neckties) by Tohoku women to support children’s future needs in the affected area

Donated neckties are used by women groups to make Teddy bears and sell them as “charity bears” in various charity events to raise funds for women’s and children’s  future needs.
This Teddy bear plan is seen as a social product since all the profits will belong to the people in the area.  Supporters can be involved in every stage from donating neckties, supporting the making phase, assisting sales or with PR.     
Those who are interested in or who want to support our activities, please visit and contact us at