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コンテンツに飛ぶ | ナビゲーションに飛ぶ

現在位置: Wall Paper 復興支援プロジェクト Looking for Container/Prefab house

Looking for Container/Prefab house

Looking for Container/Prefab house

Any types of container, prefab, mobile home for warehouse, new or used are wanted..
About one year passed since the Tsunami, the people in disaster area have started to re-build their lives such as a fishery revival.
But since everything was washed away and destroyed, the fishing people in the coastal area has to prepare every tools and ships from scratch,

To get the job started, what they need now is the warehouses to store their stuff.
It could be a container (Normal, refrigerate or thermal), prefabricated house or mobile home.
It isn’t easy to get donation because of difficulty of shipping.
So, they are short of any storage facility.

The following video is when two reefer containers were donated to the Fishery Revival Support Association of Minamisanriku cho in Miyagi prefecture
(Jan.,31st, 2012).
A local fisherman explains how to use them

[ Please help us by donating or any useful information!]

・Reefer (Freezer) or Thermal container 36 ft2 to 180 ft
・Warehouse, guardsman box, shed, container house, small prefab house 140 ft2 to 700 ft2
・Ocean or Cargo Container 20ft or 40 ft for storage house.
Temporary office, store space, warehouse for small size business.
※Used one is welcomed


If you have something you could donate, please contact below.
Information is also welcomed.
The related cost including shipping will be discussed after the detail information is provided