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What's Fumbaro3.0?

Introducing The New PFEJ Structure called “Fumbaro 3.0

The new structure of “Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan (PFEJ)” from October 2014, will consist of independent projects (groups) derived from PFEJ and “Fumbaro Support Fund Association” as a provider of the funding for these groups.

In Fiscal Year 2013, PFEJ was restructured as “Fumbaro 2.0”. Each project and branch of PEFJ became an “official recognized body” receiving necessary funding from the headquarters, with each group aiming to run their activities independently.

It is 2014, and three years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. It has become difficult for PFEJ staff in the main organization to continue commit themselves to their hard volunteer work. We need to construct a system which enables groups to operate autonomously and to shrink some of the functions of the main body.

Therefore, as of the end of September, PFEJ as a current large consortium will be recognized into a new structure, consisting of groups derived from PFEJ and “Fumbaro Support Fund Association (Representative Director: Takeo Saijo)” which provides the funding to each group.

In the future, each project or group will be self-sustaining and operate independently. Each group will be responsible for its own activity reports and financial reports. However, the basic mission of our activities will not change. All groups born from Fumbaro’s activities will collaborate to continue providing support to the disaster affected areas and people based on their needs.

Furthermore, “Fumbaro Support Fund Association” will have responsibility to manage the support fund. We will mainly provide funds to support activities/groups for East Japan restoration. Also, we will provide funding to the activities and groups which have made good use of the lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake, to improve emergency support and/or disaster prevention education in the future event.

We appreciate the continuous support of all groups who represent the spirit of PFEJ.


May 31st, 2014

Takeo Saijo