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Winter Appliance Project: Thank you letters



In Tohoku, winter coldness is very severe.

Even the disaster happened on 3.11 and 9 months has been past (at end of 2011), still there were so many housing without having heater appliances (with variety of reasons). PFEJ decided to support kotatsu* and electric carpets to those houses. Temporally housings are well broadcasted and people can easily imagine how hard to live there. However, individual houses which half destroyed and/or washed away their first floors by Tsunami are not subjected to get any supports from the government.

PFEJ decided to deliver heat appliances to those “forgotten houses” too.

Thanks to so many supporters, company’s donation and our members effort, we could deliver kotatsu and electric carpets to more than13,000 individual houses/temporally housings from end of December 2011 to New Year’s day of 2012.


  • Kotatsu is Japanese traditional electric appliance, low table with heater covered by futon. Not only warm up legs, but also stay close. Since the table is not so big, people gather naturally. It is also used for eating,  watching TV and just relaxing.

  • In Japan, New Year’s Day is most special holiday in the year. Family gather, have special food, drink Sake, give money as “Otoshidama” to children, receive/write season’s greetings (New Year’s Card), etc.

Here we would like to share thank you letters (not all, though). You can feel they are still in devastated situation.

The original letters (all Japanese) can see from here.


Letter #1:

I truly appreciate that you sent me a kotatsu that made warm my body and soul. Your thoughtful support gave me a power to overcome my separation from my husband, relatives and friends. Also it helps me to fight against the nightmare of earthquake and tsunami. I can live in here, cold Tohoku, with your warm heart and kotatsu. Thank you again.


Letter #2:

Thank you for your consideration. We don’t know each other but what you did for me is so sweet. Your kindness filled my heart with appreciation, and made me cry.

I am 82 years old. I will be 83 on next March 11th. I am a beautician. Right now I am working with my daughter. I live through my life with thinking of others who died at disaster. Thank you very much.


Letter #3:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you very much (with illustration of vowing, see below)


Letter #4:

Even it’s New Year’s Day, I didn’t feel to celebrate it. On such 2012 Jan 1st, I received your warm thought and kotatsu. Thank you very much. I feel we are not forgotten! It’s been still hard situation, but I live step by step thinking with somebody, who is thinking of us. Please do not forget us. Please.


Letter #5:

There was distribution of support supplies here the other day. Even I had waited for 2 hours in a line to receive a blanket or stove, many of us could not get it because of limited supply number. I had such sad experience, I am really glad to receive electric carpet from you.

We don’t have Tatami (on the floor), so it is very cold in our room. We started to use electric carpet immediately after we received it. It made our family time special with smile and chatting. You might think this is exaggerated. Now, I am happy just having ordinal life. I truly appreciate your support.

From Kashiwazaki city, Niigata Prefecture


Letter #6:

It was our first support stuff! Thank you very much! We bought secondhand house, and still have mortgage. We didn’t get any support stuff since we were considered as being able to be independent. However, we didn’t have chopsticks after tsunami. We hardly have lived through this hard time, needed to use our savings.

We felt as being ignored by the local governments. We truly appreciate for your support. We will use it with great care. Thank you so much.


Letter #7:

Thank you very much for the hearty warm gift, the electric carpet.

Nobody expected such disaster, I lost my house and properties at once.

We didn’t know what to do, but because of the supports from whole country, we have received light and energy.

I am over 70, and I didn’t expect to see such awful disaster.

I truly appreciate supports from everyone.

I will try my best not to waste your kind.

Thank you very much.


Letter #8:

Thank you very much for sending us the support stuff.

We live in our own house, so it was the first time to receive such support. I was really surprised (to receive it).

I try to live for your kind, so please don’t forget people living in their own houses like us.

I never forget your kind.

Thank you very much.


Letter #9:

I have received a Kotatsu.

Thank you very much.

It is over 9 months since then, I have been thinking people have forgot us. I appreciate you not to forget us.

Mass media is focusing people in temporary housings, but there are many people who couldn’t get temporary housings for some reasons.

Please don’t forget about it.

I have heard that people in temporary housings have received many stuff but we don’t receive even single phone call.

So, I am grateful with this project, I am so glad.

Thank you very much to people whole country.

I truly appreciate it.


Letter #10:

I envied that only people live in temporary housing receive support stuff.

So, thank you very much for making supports widely for people like us, who could fix their own houses by themselves, have jobs, didn’t lose their home completely.

I am truly thankful for your support.

I am not sure it will be possible or not, but if we can, we would like to support other people.



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