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Sewing Machine (Support Economic Independence)

Sewing can make women smile and lead them towards economic independence

Through our “Sewing Machine (Support Economic Independence) Project”, we donate sewing machines to women in Tsunami affected areas as a tool of empowerment with providing job opportunities.

Three principles for self fulfillment are said that:

1. To do things you love,

2. To be recognized by the community (including gaining some income)

3. To be of help to others.

This project enables to promote job creation and assist self fulfillment of women in Tsunami affected areas.



The practical steps of the project are:

1) We hold workshops for them to learn how to use sewing machine and sew the products.
2) After workshops, participants will take sewing machines and sewing supplies home.
3) Participants will make things on the sewing machine at home.
4) They will get paid for the sewn products and eventually will become self employed.


Below video is Japanese, but you can see how it worked.

Photos and Reports: The first workshop (Oct. 8, 2011) * in Japanese

Photos and Reports: The first workshop “Japanese sandals and Eco bags” (Oct. 9, 2011) * in Japanese


A lot of people have been struggling to gain their motivation back, because they lost their loved ones or their hometowns were devastated. Some people forgot the joy of working.

Althougth they may live on welfare temporally, it does not fulfill people's life. Most of them are eager to work hard to go back to their normal life.

However, the situation doesn't allow them to do so. Their communities are destroyed, the workplaces are washed away, their clients are passed away, the fishing ports are damaged, and their fishing boats are lost. Through this project, we focus on especially for elderly women and women those with children for whom it's hard to work outside.


(Left: “Sakana no Miura” [Fish Shop Miura] after the earthquake/ Right: Before the earthquake. It was called “Fish Shop Street”.)


(Neighborhood of “Sakana no Miura” in Minamisanriku Town as of November 2011)

Collaborating with the participating companies, we developed distribution channels for the sewn products.
* in Japanese

Photos and Reports: The second workshop (Oct. 15 & 16, 2011) * in Japanese

Photos and Reports: The third workshop (Oct. 29 & 30, 2011) * in Japanese

Photos and Reports: The fourth workshop (Nov. 14 & 15, 2011) * in Japanese

Photos and Reports: The fifth workshop (Nov. 20, 2011) * in Japanese

The Sewing Machine Project is not just donating the machines. The project is creating “possibilities”.

Let's say, 20,000 yen (approx. 250 USD) can be easily used up as living expense. But if 20,000 yen were invested for a sewing machine, it would lead to earn 1 million yen or 2 million yen (approx. 12,850 USD or 25,700 USD) depending on their willingness.

Your donation will make a big change, and we are truly grateful for your support.