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PC + Internet Connection

Tsunami destroyed not only housing but also lifelines. Many people lost their houses, had stayed at evacuation centers. Later, some of them moved to temporary housing, others moved back to their houses partially-destroyed, although the first floor was completely washed away by Tsunami, they can only use their second floor with major appliances lost. Most of the temporary housings are built at rural backwaters where nobody used to live, very inconvenient for shopping, no access to public transportation.
There used be local stores within walking distance from the community, but they were also gone by Tsunami. People who lost cars and seniors have to bear with the inconvenient situation. Worse than all, some of those temporary housings are completely isolated due to heavy snow in Winter.

Even one year passed since 3.11, network infrastructure has not been recovered yet. People cannot get necessary information about any available supports from the governments, NPOs and/or supportive companies without PC and Internet access.
Computer demands definitely exceeded supplies in the devastated areas.

PFEJ already had an established network with more than 3,000 (cumulative total) evacuees places (including individual houses) through Relief Supplies Project. We have started PC Support project in cooperation with Yahoo Japan, Trend Micro Japan, IDK and Microsoft Japan.
We provide not only PC with software, but also technical staff to temporary housing to assist users. We also envision to hire local survivors with PC skills for maintenance and user education services.

One of the temporally housing. Built at middle of nowhere.


Our missions are:

  1. help people living in temporary residential setups which are usually quite far away from shopping area, to purchase anything they want through on-line shopping.
  2. establish online job search system in cooperation with major staffing companies.
  3. connect tutors/teaching assistants  to assist kids to study using web camera and Skype. (=Learning Support for Students Project).
  4. provide counseling sessions to the socially isolated people, especially seniors co-working with Ubiquitous Counselling project team.

Kids Using Skype.        Note PC, Printer, Hub, Web camera, etc. are provided by us.
Updated Mar. 2012