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Manga & Illustration Charity Auction


Manga Artists Send Cheers to Disaster-Afflicted Areas

All auctions ended successfully, and raised ¥6,904,077 in total!!


Auctioned Items by Yuki Suetsugu (“Chihayafuru”) and Other Artists


Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan is hosting “Manga & Illustration Charity Auction” as part of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Auctions sponsored by Yahoo! Auctions started March 5, 2012. Bidding can be made from anywhere in the world thanks to a co-sponsor of the auction, j-Grab Inc. who runs j-Grab.com (global auction site).
This charity auction has been made possible by the passion of Ms. Yuki Suetsugu, a popular Manga artist with works such as “Chihayahuru”. Many Manga artists and illustrators have made contributions, and all the revenues from the auction will be used to support tsunami victims.

Message from Yuki Suetsugu (“Chihayafuru”) →


Usage of the raised fund and gratitude for your help

enpituManga and illustration charity auctions ended on April 1st, and resulted in the total amount of \6,904,077.
I am deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the auctions, and the artists who donated valuable items for us. Thank you so much.
Raised fund will go to programs such as financial independence support, livelihood support and other various projects we select with great care. We never spent any money on staff salaries, but we’ve always allocated scarce funds solely for disaster relief activities. Now with so many projects underway, the proceeds from the auctions, nearly seven million yen is really helpful to us.
We’d like to use this precious aid fund effectively, and not to waste any yen, so I took time and considered distribution of the fund from every perspective over and over. I’m pleased to announce the usage plan of the raised fund as follows.

Takeo Saijo
Representative, Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan


midashi_hoshi.pngAllocation of Auction fund



Grand total 6,904,077yen


midashi_hoshi.pngAcknowledgements from Leaders


midashi_maru.pngHeavy Equipment License project:


enpituI’m Nakane, the project leader of Heavy Equipment License project. Thank you so much this time. With the given amount, 1,500,000 yen, about 30 people can obtain the licenses to utilize loading shovel and forklift truck, which will lead to a job or re-start business.

We continue the efforts to support as many survivors as possible in a corporation with schools and corporate alliances. We’re also putting together a new program to help survivors more easily get jobs.

We will not waste the money raised by the auctions. Thank you again for your supports.


midashi_maru.pngFishery Support project:


enpituI’m Kikuchi from sand-bag project. I truly appreciate your contributions. We’d like to use the money to purchase materials to make sand-bags for Minami-Sanriku fishery business. Out of this fund, we plan to make 75,000 bags by this Summer. After cutting fabric and ropes, we ask volunteers all over Japan to saw bags.

Not only providing sand bags to fishermen, which will help them to re-start businesses, but we also paint cheerful messages on the bags for them.

We’d like to report our activities going forward.
We thank for the warm hearts of supporters, and we ensure to spend the money only on what really needed.


midashi_maru.pngSewing Machine project:


enpituI’m Suzuki, sub-leader of Sewing Machine project. We just heard that we’ll receive 400,000 yen from the auction funds to make an effective use for our activities(Minami-Sanriku Sewing Studio).

I appreciate your efforts in busy schedules. We’ll utilize the money carefully without wasting a yen. Thank you again for your support.


midashi_maru.pngTeach A Trade・Nuno-Zouri project:


enpituWe are deeply grateful that we can use the fund of your valuable efforts for our Nuno-Zouri activities. The money will be used for the workshops and sale events we conduct four times from April through June, such as instructors’ fees, materials, shipping costs and etc.

Thank you very much.


midashi_maru.pngStudy Aids for Kids project:


enpituThanks to this fund from charity auctions, we can start 2 new study rooms (Fumbarumba) in Ofunato city this year.

We also rent spaces in temporary housings or schools and form study groups with elementary to high school students. And send teaching assistants to those places to look after those kids, help exam prep.

Thank you.


midashi_maru.pngPC + Internet project:


enpituI’m Watanabe, project leader of PC and Internet project. Thank you so much for your support and generating this fund for our projects.
This year, PC project approaches all temporary housings in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, about more than 1000 places, and take requests for PC and network setups. We just rolled out the campaign to Miyagi pref., 420 temporary housings.

We collect used PCs donated from corporations, but we purchase printers and other devises such as web camera, HUB, cables and so on. We also provide printer paper and inks. When we deliver PCs, we set up and configure the machines and network to match the environment at every temporary housing, not just shipping. So it does cost us gasoline, and highway tolls as well. We’ll utilize the fund in these activities.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.


midashi_maru.pngJob Assistance project:


I’m Aizawa, Leader from Job Assistance project. I thank each and every one of you for your efforts and support.

In our project, with alliance partners( Pasona and Nikken Academy), we promote the establishment of a framework for job creation and matching between job seekers and local businesses, by working with local governments, and utilizing subsidies.

We’ll take a great care to spend the precious money from the auction fund. Thank you, again.


midashi_maru.pngEntertainments project:


enpituTo all of those who put efforts to the charity auction, the entertainment group expresses our deep application. The contribution will be used for Kara-oke at temporary housings and other items based on requests from the victims.

We also plan to hold an charity event in September at one of affected areas, which will be announced and reported occasionally.

Thank you again.


midashi_maru.pngLetters project:


enpituI’m Saito from Letters project. Our activities focuses on mental support( start connections) as follows:
We collect heartfelt letters from people all over Japan written for those in disaster areas.

We gather letter set donations, to be used by those in disaster areas.
We deliver and hand over the letter sets directly to those who really like it.
So far, we delivered 520 letters, 19,500 mail stamps, 9,700 blank postcards, and 7,300 letter sets to individuals in Eastern Japan, visiting there once a month from last July.

The money is the result of your efforts. We don’t waste any yen. Thank you very much.


midashi_maru.pngHand-Made Goods project:


enpituI’m Suzuki from Hand-made goods project.

With the fund from you, our project conducts workshops in Eastern Japan to create soap decoupages, miçanga, etc. for sale. With handicraft works, people can forget about sad memories even for a short time, and find a means to earn some money.

We’ll pursue our efforts and activities in order to make victims feel a little happier; we appreciate your continuous supports.


midashi_maru.pngIwate Branch:


enpituThank you all, I’m Miyoshi from Iwate branch.

At Iwate branch, we are aimed at:
(1) focuses on Miyako, Otsuki, and Ofunato areas with the vision, face-to-face support for survivors independence.
(2) a well-established operation to collect real demands from the areas.
(3) as a new program, supports victims to obtain licenses for mental care.

With those three principals in mind, we’d like to use the precious fund for the victims’ self-support systems.


midashi_maru.pngMiyagi Branch:


Thank you so much for the allowance to Miyagi branch.

Our activities at the front-line are always close to survivors, and correspond to individual cases with special attention. We have many people who evacuated from Fukushima here, those who cannot find jobs, and they often face difficulties to keep their livings. We’d like to use the fund to food supplies and transportation costs for a fixed time, so as to avoid the worst case scenarios. We continue to make the persistent efforts.