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Study Aids for Kids


Why We Started the Project


Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami took over 20,000 people’s lives away. The investigation of missing people has been still continuing. Many children are missing too. One of the symbolic tragedies was that 70 out of 108 elementary kids’ precious lives were lost at Ohkawa Elementary school in Ishinomaki.

One of the kids in Ohkawa Elementary school said, “My friends died, I mean...past away and my younger sister, too. So I want to hang in to live and study hard on behalf of them”.

It has been more than nine months and mass media don’t broadcast about the damage by tsunami as much as they used to before. Outside people of the devastated areas may forget the disasters, however, the emotional scars of children there have not been healed yet.

Moreover, examination season is approaching before children get over the tragedies they experienced. In the devastated areas where towns were washed out, there are no private tutoring schools* and no teachers of those schools.

(*Translator’s note: In Japan, it is very common to go to private tutoring schools (Juku) a couple of years before children take entrance exams for high schools and colleges/universities.)

Looking at the adults working on earliest possible reconstruction everyday, children now starts to feel “that earthquake can not beat us!” like green shooting buds after a hard winter.

It is told that reconstruction will be achieved by a decade.

10 year-old children right now will be 20 and 15 year-old children will be 25. Children ARE those who take role in reconstruction in the true sense of the word.

This project aims to encourage such children by learning support.


What We Can Do

Until learning environment at the devastated areas becomes good enough for children again, this project is taking action on;

  • We borrow meeting rooms of temporally housing and classrooms at local schools to held learning sessions with small groups of elementary/junior-high/high school students. We send college students/adults who can support study for entrance exams and review.

  • We are preparing the system  allowing us for continuous support. Not only direct learning supports at the affected areas, but also providing remote class sessions using computers and Skype, cooperated with our PC Support Project.

Project gives a good opportunity for children to spend a time with college students and adults. Spending a time with adults who have varied background will give children opportunity to think about their career path and will inspire them. Moreover, we hope that children heal their emotional wounds through face-to-face communication with someone who cares and remembers them.

  • Offering educational and learning support information.
We gather and offer educational/learning support service information from administrative agencies and voluntary groups.

Donation Usage

Donated money is used for transportation fee to send staffers who support children and communication expenses such as Internet and telephone.