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As of November 2011, our Relief Supplies Project have succeeded to send a total of more than 155,000 supplies to approximately 3,000 places (including evacuation shelters, temporary housings and individual houses). It is more than 35,000 deliveries. Moreover, by using Amazon.co.jp wish list, more than 40 million yen (about $525,327 as of Jan 14, 2012), total of 23,597 supplies were shipped and delivered. We also helped to distribute surplus supplies, which were piled up in several governments’ storage (e.g. Sendai city, Osaka city, Yokohama city, etc) to those who really needed. Our basic principle, "people support people", helped to promote developing special connection between individual supporters and survivors via thank-you notes and/or telephone calls.

Home Appliance Project also made a big success. During last summer, we delivered 6,000 electric fans. In winter, Kotatsu (Japanese coffee table w/ built-in heater, see illustration above) and/or electrical carpet will be delivered to 13,000 temporary housing and/or individual houses by the end of 2011. We received so many Thank you letters.

Home Appliance Project had started to collect used electronic appliances to send them to the affected area. We delivered more than 2,000 items.

Mainly in Fukushima, Geiger Counter Project launched. It is a set of a lecture (how to use Geiger counter (survey meter) properly) and a rental Geiger counter (free).  The project expands the area to outside of Fukushima prefecture.

Furthermore, we care about mental health too. Our Letter Project has delivered heart-warming letters from supporters to the survivors. Hand Made Project has sent hand made goods (e.g. knitting, sewing goods, cards, etc). We believe makers’ (supporters') warm thoughts and consideration have sunk in receivers’ hearts.


As of Dec. 11, 9 months has been passed. Even in Japan, media broadcast about devastated area less and less (except local TV and radio). TV announces that the recovery is going steadily. It is true in some extent, but not for all areas. Tsunami completely destroyed coastal area. Current situation in those area are totally different from what appears in the broadcasting.

Evacuated places were dismissed and people moved to temporary housing. Government ask them to go independent after moving into the housing from evacuee centers. i.e. get your own foods.  What did it change for them after moving to temporary housing? They got private spaces, that’s all. Most of them don’t have job. No job, no money, no economic independence.
Now in the devastated area, they need employment, support for getting jobs, mental health care and educational environment for kids.

Our Heavy Equipment License Project is one of the attempts to help get a job. In the devastated area, we need to clean up the debris, and build many buildings. This project encourages the local survivors to obtain the license to operate heavy equipment. The license is most demanded in the area and the fee is 30,000 yen ($385 as of Dec 20, 2011). 227 people already earned licenses, all fees were covered by donations. Job gives hope and future. They can stay in their hometown and rebuild the town by own.
30,000 yen will be gone quickly if used for living, but if used to get the heavy equipment license, it's possible to earn 3 million yen/year ($38,500 as of Dec 20, 2011). Of course, in this tough economy, to ensure employment opportunities, we will also need the cooperation of business owners. We will continue our efforts as a long-term perspective in the future.

"We received the licenses!"

June, 2011

Sewing Machine (Support Economic Independence) Project is another success story of creating employment opportunity. Donates  sewing machines along with lectures on how to use them, this project promotes not only getting a chance to be paid, but also earning self fulfillment. A student of a class becomes a teacher of the next class, lively helps other people.

We have started PC Support Project in cooperation with Yahoo Japan, Trend Micro Japan, IDK and Microsoft Japan. Setting up PCs in the devastated area will enhance job hunting, online shopping(people lost cars), collecting support information, getting remote counseling using Skype, and learning opportunity (Learning Support for Students Project).


Project Lists

Heavy Equipment License Assists the local survivors to obtain the license to operate heavy equipment to lead to a job. The license is most demanded in the areas to clean up debris and construct buildings.
Geiger Counter Rents out geiger counters for free to the residents of Fukushima and surrounding areas so that they can measure and assure the radiation level by themselves.
PC + Internet Delivers free PCs with necessary software to temporary housings which are built far away from commercial areas. Those PCs are also used for remote mental counseling, job-hunting, and study support for kids.
Job Assistance Creates job opportunities and support local businesses in the affected areas, so people can continue to stay in their home towns.
Study Aids for Kids Provides materials and places to study for kids who lost houses. Send teaching assistants to the study rooms.
Sewing Machine Trains people to use sewing machines and creates jobs for them. Sewing machines are provided for free to the workshop participants.
Teach A Trade・Nuno-Zouri Supports crafting and sale of Nuno-zouri(Sandals) for financial independence.
Hand-Made Goods Collects and delivers hart-warming handicrafts
made by people all over Japan, and connects with Tsunami survivors.
Letters Collects letters written by people all over Japan, and hands over to the people in affected areas who feel isolated.
Entertainments Through arts and entertainment, cheers up affected people.
Happy Project Amon Miyamoto, the producer, leads this project to host various charity events to support victims financial independence.
Mental Health Opens up places where people interact and support their health and "lives."
Charity Books Sells carefully selected books on-line and fund-raise in order to preserve hopeful future for children.
Fishery Support Help local fishery businesses to re-start. So far arranged and provided used ships and equipment to Minami-Sanriku area.
Manga&Illustration Charity Auction Held auctions on Internet with donated items from popular manga artists and illustrators. All the proceeds will be used 100% for the victims through our other projects. Planned auctions are all ended, the future events TBA.
Animal Rescue Supports selected volunteers who take care of suffered animals, mainly through creating and advertising Amazon Wish Lists.
Fumbaro Shop It is an on-line store which selected and promotes items related to affected areas and/or activities.
Relief Supplies Delivered the needed items to those who really needed. Many goods and hearts were exchanged. (Ended Mar. 31st, 2012. Afterward, each project will call for supplies on Amazon Wish Lists.)
Winter Home Appliances

Sent warmth to the cold Eastern Japan. Successfully delivered hot-carpets and heaters to 13,000 households. (Ended)