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現在位置: Wall Paper ふんばろう動物班 Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan,Animal Rescue Team -English Pages- D-04 Animal Club Ishinomaki of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Pref.

D-04 Animal Club Ishinomaki of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Pref.

Animal Club Ishinomaki is a volunteer organization that has been rescuing animals for more than a quarter of century in Ishinomaki City of Miyagi Prefecture.

The people and animals of Ishinomaki suffered greatly from the earthquake and Tsunami. Although for a time the people and animals were injured and suffered from the spread of infectious disease, they survived thanks to a lot of support from all over the world.

One year has passed, we can hear the word ‘reconstruction’ here and there, but there is so much damage in Ishinomaki City. There is no stability in the people’s lives yet. We keep accepting request from owners who are not able to keep their animals and still rescuing animals who are wondering around town looking for their owners.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Animal Rescue Team's support of personnel or organizations who rescue animals using Amazon Wish List ended on March 31, 2015.
Thank you for your warm and continual support.

Message from Animal Club Ishinomaki

We, NPO Animal Club Ishinomaki, have been providing an education campaign to let people know about what is happening to the animals around us and advising people how we can live with animals in peace, something we have been doing for 30 years as well as rescuing animals.

The earthquake damaged two prefabricated houses for cats as well as the sterilization and vaccination center which normally opens twice a week. The first floor of our chairman’s house was sloped and went under water. Two cats were killed by the Tsunami. We moved the 67 cats who survived to the second floor of our chairman’s house. One of our volunteers who had been working with us died and some others could not continue working because of the tremendous disruption in their personal lives. We suffer from a shortage of personnel.

One the other hand, before we completed repairing our facilities, stray dogs and cats as well as kittens who were born under the wreckage or in vacant houses were brought to us.

We have been receiving a lot of aid from people through “Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan” and your aid has been helping not only dogs and cats in our facility. We have also been using your aid to support families who have multiple dogs or cats, owners whose pets have incurable diseases and suffer from huge medical bills. We also help personnel who are rescuing dogs and cats.

We also welcome wholeheartedly volunteers for cleaning, carpentry, cutting cats claws, brushing and removing hair balls!

For details please take a look at our homepage. (in Japanese) http://a-c.sub.jp/



Kita-kun the cat. A symbol of our reconstruction.He was rescued by a young volunteer in a town which was completely ruined by the Tsunami Kita the Cat. A symbol of our reconstruction.

Now he enjoys the role as the image of Animal Club Ishinomaki!