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FAQ -English-

What is "Amazon Wish List "?
Amazon Wish List is the web-based gift shopping system managed by Amazon.co.jp . With this system, you can make a shopping list ("Wish List") to inform other people of the goods that you want. Anyone can purchase the items on your list and have them delivered to you. Further details on Wish Lists can be found in the Help page on Amazon.co.jp..

Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan volunteers are creating and maintaining Amazon Wish Lists based on the requests of tsunami survivors.  Your kind donation are greatly appreciated, no matter how large or small.
What is "Gift Option"?
Purchasing Wish List items as "Gifts" will enable recipients to see the sender’s information such as their name, address and a short personal message can be added at no extra charge. The sender’s information is useful for delivery purposes, as unidentified packages may be rejected in some cases.

To ensure smooth delivery of purchased items, we strongly encourage senders to purchase goods as a "Gift".  This also enables senders to include a short message to the recipients along with the goods.  In order to purchase goods as a Gift, select the desired items from the Amazon Wish List, and check the "This will be a gift" box in your Shopping Cart on the Amazon.co.jp website.

Please note; We at Project Fumbaro East Japan Project try to only include items that can be sent as Gifts on our Wish Lists. However, in certain cases, due to circumstances beyond our control, or based on the request of a recipient, Wish Lists will include items that are not able to be sent as Gifts.
I accidentally sent my purchase without selecting the Gift option. What should I do?
Sending purchases as Gifts is not required, and in most cases items will arrive safely. However, if the item appears on your Order History page as “Not Yet Shipped” you can still make changes to the Gift settings on the “Account Service” page. For details, see the Help page on Amazon.co.jp. Please note that Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan staff and Amazon.co.jp are not able to make changes to the Gift settings on your behalf.
Why can't I find any items in some of Amazon Wish Lists?
This is because all the items on the Wish List have already been purchased for the recipient.  You can view items that have already been sent to the recipient by selecting "Purchased" from the “Show” pull down menu and clicking on "GO".

Amazon Wish Lists -English-